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 GoChip Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a focus on research and development of integrated circuits and related products, sales and Valet design services high-tech enterprises. It was founded in 2004; located in the capital of China known as the magic of Shanghai. In Hangzhou, Xi'an, Silicon Valley and other places have set up R & D team and cooperation; and a customer service offices in major developed economic regions in Jiangsu and Guangdong.


  Company R & D and management staff are from well-known domestic IC design companies, with more than 15 years of experience in product research and development of integrated circuits, in 1.0-6.0um, 10-60V BIPOLAR, 0.18-1.5um, 1.8-40V CMOS, 0.35-1.2 um, on 12-60V BICMOS / BCD other technology platform successfully developed a magnetic sensor circuit including the Hall, the power management circuitry and other digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits and a series of products with independent intellectual property rights, and access to a number of invention patents, utility model patents and patent protection IC layout. The adoption of "fabless" design company (Fabless Design House) mode, commissioned by the processing mode of production, the choice of packaging and foundry partners are the world's advanced manufacturing technology and equipment manufacturing enterprises, can provide adequate capacity and quality assurance.


  Through years of unremitting efforts, adhering to the "Enhance Technology 、 Beyond Expectation" core philosophy, adhere to the continuous technological innovation and superior customer service, the company's products has been formed G, Y two specifications, covering Hall IC, power management circuits, leakage protection circuit, the fan motor driving circuit and sensor module and related components and other major products, which are widely used in many industries automotive, new energy, industrial automation, brushless motor, the information technology industry, consumer electronics, access to the market, many mainstream customers widely used and recognized.


  "Better Chips Better Dream," GoChip Electronics willing to work with all partners to work together for the better future!

  Our vision: to become the sensor control chip design and product application field the best provider.