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            GoChip electronic development of Hall-effect sensor integrated circuit provides for detecting the direction of automotive, industrial, consumer and portable electronic products, teeth, speed, linear, angular, current and position sensing applications such as non-contact sensor.


         Induced changes in the north and south magnetic field, generally south (S) pole induction, the Hall output low until the North Pole (N) close to the state of flip chip output is high, and so forth

         Typical Applications: brushless motor position sensing, odometer

         Only unidirectional magnetic field sensor, usuallywhen the output low and close to the South pole (S), when the south (S) poles left, flip chip output state is high, north (N) pole induction is always output high
          Typical Applications: motor speed, proximity switches, flow detection, positioning travel



          The output voltage is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field of the chip, according to the sensed magnetic field polarity and strength, increase or decrease the output voltage of the chip
          Typical Applications: accelerator pedal, the governor, pressure sensor, the deformation sensing

         Changes in the magnetic field induction south (S) North (N), in the south (S) magnetic field and the North (N) magnetic fields are induced high-low output signal
         Typical Applications: smart three tables, the treadmill speed
    Gear Sensor
         Change when the rotation of the magnetic field by the Hall sensor metal parts can cause potential Hall will convert it to alternating electrical signal, the circuit will be built-in signal conditioning and amplification final sensor output rectangular pulse signal.
         Typical Applications: gear sensor, tachometer sensor, ABS, vehicle speed sensor, a dual output gear sensor