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Exhibition Review | Exciting Moments in Munich, South China

Date:2023-12-22 10:15:57 Browse:72 Share to:
From October 30th to November 1st, 2023, the 3-day South China Munich Electronics Exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen. GoChip  Micro brought four series of products to the exhibition, providing a detailed introduction to our products and applications for domestic and foreign audiences, attracting many visitors to stop and exchange ideas.

At this exhibition, we comprehensively showcased sensor chip solutions in the fields of automotive electronics, new energy, industrial automation, and consumer electronics, with a focus on introducing products and applications in consumer electronics.

The scene was lively and bustling, with a constant stream of exhibitors, customers, suppliers and other partners coming to visit and exchange at our booth.

The 2023 Munich South China Electronics Exhibition has come to an end. Thank you to every visitor for visiting. GoChip will continue to focus on the design and research and development of magnetic sensing chips, bringing better products and services to users. We look forward to your attention!