Industrial Automation

Hall IC application in textile machines

Textile machinery is the kind of mechanical equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles. It has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, maintenance, reduction of plant area, saving investment and labor.
Hall ICs are mainly used in the position of motors, pedals, and textile machines in textile machines.
The bipolar latching Hall IC GH141F mainly plays the role of measuring the speed in the motor of the textile machine. The GH141F has a wide working voltage of 3.5V-30V and good sensitivity symmetry, and the working temperature range is -40. Degree -150 degrees. It can work stably at high temperature.
GH1194E is mainly used in the pedal of textile machine to play the role of speed regulation. GH1194E multi-function linear Hall element, small size, low current source output, low noise output, positive and negative magnetic field can be sensed.
The main function of the GH1441A monopole Hall IC is the positioning of the needle.

Hall IC recommended application:GH141FLUA/GH1194EUA/GH1441ALUA

Application of Hall IC in sweeping robot

The sweeping robot Hall is usually used in two places: the motor and as a switch
The Hall IC is mainly used to measure the rotation speed in the sweeping robot motor. Most of them are used in the bipolar latching Hall sensor, GH141F/GH1881, etc., high temperature resistance, high withstand voltage and high sensitivity. The integrated circuit is available in both in-line and patch packages. It is used in different circuit requirements, with high sensitivity, good symmetry and long life.
The sweeping robot is a lithium battery that requires a low-power Hall switch. Full-level Hall switch such as: GH1248EUA/GH1250EUA

Hall IC recommended application:GH141FLUA/GH1881LUA/GH1248EUA/GH1250EUA

Hall IC is applied in mahjong machine

The Hall IC functions as a switch in the mahjong machine, and functions to turn on and off by the proximity and distance of the magnet.

Hall IC recommended application:GH3144EUA/GH1104EUA

Hall IC is used in sewing machines and computer flat cars

The Hall IC realizes the function of needle positioning and foot speed adjustment in the sewing machine and the computer flat car.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1210KUA/GH1210KSW/GH39FKSW

Hall IC is applied in smart water meter

The operating voltage and power consumption of the smart water meter are both low. When selecting the Hall IC, the low-voltage, low-power all-pole Hall IC should be selected. Two all-pole Halls are required on one water meter, one for the flow rate; the other for preventing water stealing.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC is applied in smart meter

An electric meter is a meter used to measure electric energy, and is also called an electric meter, an electric energy meter, and the like. As long as there is electricity, the meter will be installed. When the meter is energized, the current coil and the voltage coil Hall generate an electromagnetic field. A rotating torque is formed on the aluminum disk, and the timer is used to count the number by the transmission gear. To pay the electricity bill. Because the meter is battery powered, all-pole micropower Hall elements are typically used.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC is applied in stage lighting

Hall ICs are used for angular positioning in stage lighting moving lights.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1104EUA

Hall IC is applied in door and window alarms

The door and window alarm mainly uses the switch-type Hall integrated circuit to have the characteristic that the output voltage will be level-shifted when the magnetic induction intensity reaches a certain intensity. When we set the magnetic field close, the Hall output low level does not alarm, and when the magnetic field leaves, Hall output is high level for alarm. Because the magnetic switch alarm is battery-powered for easy installation and the magnetic field is weak, it is necessary to select Hall to select a Hall with low power consumption and high sensitivity.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC is applied in the magnetic switch

The new type of magnetic switch has a Hall element inside, and the Hall integrated circuit belongs to magnetic sensing. The principle is Hall effect, that is, the Hall integrated circuit can sense the change of the magnetic field and generate a potential difference proportional to the size of the magnetic field. For the Hall voltage. When using the Hall IC in the closed state of the door and window, the Hall voltage is the largest because the magnetic field is the strongest at this time. When the door and window are opened, the direction of the magnetic field of the magnet is no longer facing the Hall and the distance, resulting in a decrease or even zero in the Hall voltage. By setting the range of the Hall voltage size change, it is possible to detect the state of the door and window, thereby achieving the purpose of security alarm.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC is applied in electric rolling shutter

A highly reliable digital electronic positioning method is realized by storing position and orientation information issued by the Hall integrated circuit. The engineering practice application shows that the method has high positioning accuracy and good repeatability, and can better meet the requirements of the positioning accuracy and stability of the electric rolling door.
The electric rolling shutter mainly consists of a tubular motor, a roller blind mechanism, and a rolling door controller, and is widely used in garages, curtains, electric curtains and the like. The application characteristics of the electric rolling door are reciprocating motion, and the movement stroke is adjustable. The traditional solution uses the mechanical stopper to solve the stroke adjustment problem. The disadvantages are reliability, repeatability, and poor precision, which have a great influence on the application.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1881LUA:GH1881LUA

Hall IC is applied in LED flashlight

Hall ICs play a controlling role in the new LED flashlight switches.
Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW(EUA)

Hall IC application in power tools

Power tools include electric wrenches, electric drills, electric screwdrivers, etc., which are powered by electric motors or electromagnets and are driven by a transmission mechanism to drive the working head. Magnetic Hall ICs are primarily used for contactless and reliable solutions for sensing the position, linear motion or angle of mechanical motion.

Hall IC recommended application linear:GH1495A/GH1496B/GH141FLUA