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Motor drive series is based on the principle of Hall effect, through the output of the corresponding high and low level signal to determine the position of the rotor, and output the corresponding current to drive the motor work.
Typical features:High sensitivity, good symmetry, overheat protection, with intelligent protection, strong anti-interference ability
Typical applications:Water pump, fan, micro motor

Model Magnetic switching point (typ) Voltage range Working current Package form Operating temperature Reverse connection protection Stall protection FG function Download
GH381 ±25GS 3.0~24.0VDC 600mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × Download
GH284 ±30GS 3.5~18.0VDC 400mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × Download
GH266A ±30GS 3.5~28.0VDC 400mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × × Download
GH9280 ±25GS 3.5~18.0VDC 500mA TO-94 -40~105℃ × Download
GH211A ±30GS 3.5~18.0VDC 400mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × Download
GH295 ±30GS 3.5~30.0VDC 500mA TO-94 -40~85℃ Download
GH686A ±30GS 3.5~18.0VDC 500mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × × × Download
GH466 ±15GS 2.5~18.0VDC 600mA TO-94 -40~85℃ × × Download
GH4112 ±25GS 3.0~20.0VDC 250mA TO-94 -40~105℃ × Download