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The low-power Hall adopts a sleep mechanism internally to reduce power, and the average power consumption can reach uA pole.
Typical features:low power consumption, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability
Typical applications:smart three meters, smart door locks, smart switch control, air purifiers and other small household appliances, sweeping robots, TWS earphone charging compartment
Model Magnetic switch point Package form Temperature range Voltage range Output current Download
GH1104 +50/+250GS TO-92S/SOT23-3L/SOT23/SOT-89B 4.0~10.0mA 3.8Vdc~30.0Vdc -40℃~150℃ Download
GH143F +160/+110GS TO-92S/SOT-23-3LTO-92S 4.0~10.0mA 3.8~30.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1132 +20/+200GS TO-92S/SOT-23-3LTO-92S 5.5~10.0mA 3.8~30.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1210 ±45/±30GS TO-92S/SOT-23-3L 2.0~5.0mA 2.8~24.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1230 ±30/±20GS T0-92S/SOT23-3L 2.0~5.0mA 2.8~24.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH3144 +20/+240GS TO-92S 3.0~8.0mA 3.8~30.0VDC -40℃~85℃ Download
GH1220 +120/+90G TO-92S/SOT-23T0-92S/SOT23-3L/SOT23 2.0~5.0mA 2.8~24.0VDC -40℃~125℃ Download
GH1881 ±25GS TO-92S/SOT-23-3L 2.3~4.5mA 3.2~24.0VDC 40℃~125℃ Download
GH1511A ±90GS SOT-89B 3.5~9.0mA 3.8~30.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1512 ±60GS TO-92S 4.0~6.0mA 2.5~30.0VDC -30℃~150℃ Download
GH177 ±100GS TO-92S 3.2~7.5mA 3.5~24.0VDC -40℃~125℃ Download
GH141F028 ±120GS TO-92S 3.5~9.0mA 3.8~30.0VDC -40℃~150℃ Download
GH41HA ±190GS TO-92S 3.5~9.0mA 3.8Vdc~30.0Vdc -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1187 ±100GS TO-92S 3.2~7.5mA 3.8Vdc~30.0Vdc -40℃~150℃ Download
GH1122 ±25GS TO-92S -40℃~125℃ 2.0~5.0mA 3.0~24.0VDC Download
GH1120 ±30GS SIP-3L(TO-92S)/SC59(SOT23-3L) -40℃~125℃ 2.0~5.0mA 3.5~24.0VDC Download
GH1713 ±45GS TO-92S -40℃~150℃ 2.5~4.5mA 3.8~70.0VDC Download
GH1715 ±45GS TO-92S -40℃~150℃ 2.5~4.5mA 3.8~70.0VDC Download
GH1248 ±30/±20GS TO-92S/SOT-23-3L -40℃~85℃ 5.0~20mA 1.8~5.5VDC Download