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The main feature of the absolute value type is that it can directly output the current Angle position information of the motor shaft. That is, assuming that the motor rotates one circle is a 360° Angle, the absolute value encoder can communicate with the controller through the transmission protocol and send the Angle information of the current motor to the controller when the motor is at any Angle.

Model Voltage Max working current Stator installation inner diameter Rotor installation outer diameter Max electrical speed Allow movement Download
GHA16-023050NW-5L 5VDC(4.6~6.5VDC <80mA(5VDC) 22.9mm 50mm(Outer diameter of magnetic ring) 20000rpm Axis: ±0.5mm; Radial runout:<0.05mm Download
GHA16-058012N-5L 5VDC(4.6~6.5VDC) <65mA(5VDC) 58mm 12mm(Outer diameter of magnetic ring) 6000rpm Axis: ±0.5mm; Radial runout:<0.05mm Download