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Inductive proximity switch series products have wide operating voltage range, small static operating current, and integrated output stage drive current up to 70mA, with high anti-interference performance, and can provide temperature compensation, short circuit protection and overload protection functions.
Typical characteristics:Small temperature bleaching, high sensitivity, good linearity, high anti-interference performance, low power consumption, with temperature compensation function, wide working voltage (4~40V), with short circuit protection and overload protection.
Typical applications:Industrial automation production lines, engineering vehicles, metal detectors, contactless switches.

Model Switching frequency (typ.) Voltage range Working current Temperature range Package form Download
GC5505 5KHz 4.0~40.0VDC 0.55~0.7mA -40℃~125℃ SOP-16L/SSOP-16L Download
GC5355 5KHz 4.0~40.0VDC 0.55~0.7mA -40℃~125℃ SOP-8/DFN-8L/DFN-14LL Download
GC5515 5KHz 4.0~40.0VDC 0.55~0.7mA -40℃~125℃ DFN-14L Download