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The voltage output of linear Hall changes precisely with the magnetic induction intensity.
Typical characteristics:Low temperature bleaching, high sensitivity, good linearity, wide operating temperature range (-40~+150℃)
Typical applications:Electronic throttle, gamepad, non-contact potentiometer, water pump level detection, black metal detector, current detection, displacement detection, smart home appliances

Model Magnetic field range Voltage range Working current Sensitivity(typ)) linear error Package form Download
GH1321 -420~420GS 3.0~7.5VDC 5.0~8.7mA 5.0mV/GS 1% TO-92S/SOT-23-3L/SOT--89-3L Download
GH1495A -670~670GS 4.5~10.5VDC 5.0~8.7mA 3.125mV/GS 1% TO-92S/SOT-89-3L Download
GH1496B -840~840GS 4.5~10.5VDC 5.0~8.7mA 2.5mV/GS 1% TO-92S/SOT-89-3L Download
GH39F -1000~1000GS 3.0~6.5VDC 2.0~9.0mA 1.8mV/GS 0.70% TO-92S/SOT-23-3L Download
GH1194E -900~900GS 3.0~7.5VDC 5.5~9.5mA 2.0mV/GS 0.70% TO-92S/SOT-23-3L Download
GH3562 -900~900GS 1.6~3.6VDC 2.35~2.75mA 4.5mV/GS 2.05mV/GS 1.20% DFN2020-6L/DFN1616-3L Download