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Leakage protection series chips can be used at 110V~220V voltage, which can prevent lightning strikes. Leakage protection chip series typical product GC1201 built-in patented multi-phase comparator, built-in phase Angle threshold offset compensation Settings, can make different phase leakage thresholds remain the same, with high reliability and good consistency, and the peripheral circuit is simple.
Typical features:Delay, lightning protection, adjustable sensitivity, low power consumption (5mW), high surge interference and shock resistance, wide temperature range (-20℃ ~+80℃)
Typical applications:Water heaters, air conditioners and other smart plugs, leakage protectors, charging piles, circuit breakers.

产品型号 工作电压范围 工作电流 工作温度范围 封装形式 特点 备注 规格书下载
GC54123 110~220VDC 400~580mA -20℃~+80℃ SIP8/SOP8/DIP8 低功耗、灵敏度可调节 普通型漏电保护器 规格书下载
GC1201 5~6VDC 100~150mA -20℃~+85℃ SOP8 低功耗,抗干扰能力强,灵敏度高 A型漏电保护器