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GoChip Microelectronics intelligent cabin series chips mainly include GH2201 and GH2101 products, which meet the AEC-Q100 certification test requirements.
Typical characteristics:High sensitivity, good temperature characteristics, reverse voltage protection, programmable magnetic switching point, good switching point consistency, wide temperature range: -40~+150℃
Typical applications:Window, sunroof, smart seat, tachometer counter, flow detection, motion stop detection

Model Magnetic switch point Voltage range Working current Temperature range Package form Remarks Download
GH2101 ±78GS 3.0~30.0VDC 4.1~7.5mA -40℃~150℃ TO-92S/SOT23-3L 汽车级AEC-Q100 Download
GH2201 ±30GS 3.0~30.0VDC 3.0~6.0mA -40℃~150℃ TO-92S/SOT23-3L 汽车级AEC-Q100 Download
GH2301 ±40GS 3.0~30.0VDC 4.0~6.0mA -40℃~150℃ SOT23-3L Side induction Download