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The LC high-frequency resonant circuit is constructed by external inductance capacitor, and an alternating magnetic field is generated in the resonant loop. When the detected metal target approaches this magnetic field and reaches the induction distance, eddy currents are generated in the detected metal target and the energy of the oscillator is absorbed, causing the oscillator amplitude to decrease or stop vibration. The changes of oscillator oscillation and stop vibration are processed by the post-amplifier circuit and converted into switching signals, which trigger the driving control device, thus realizing the purpose of non-contact detection.
Typical characteristics:High sensitivity, good linearity, small drift
Typical applications:Electronic throttle, current sensor

Model Package form Voltage range Output current Switching frequency (typ) Temperature range Download
GC5505P SOP-16L 4.0Vdc-40.0Vdc 70mA 5KHz -40℃~125℃ Download
GC5515S DFN-14L 4.0Vdc~40.0Vdc 70mA 5KHz -40℃~125℃ Download
GC5355P SOP-8L 4.0Vdc~40.0Vdc 70mA 5KHz -40℃~125℃ Download
GC5597P SOP-16L 4.0Vdc~40.0Vdc 70mA 5KHz -40℃~125℃ Download


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