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The main products of GoChip microelectronic gear sensor chip series are GH1922, GH1922U, GH1817, GH1835 and GH1836. GH1922/GH1922U can work stably and reliably in the voltage range of 3.5~24V and the temperature range of -40~ +150° C. GH1922U belongs to the unique ultra-thin package design in China, mainly used for speed sensing applications such as automotive camshafts, and the compact and thin package shape is more convenient to install.
Typical features:High sensitivity, long effective detection distance, stable output waveform duty cycle, differential Hall sensor structure accuracy
Typical applications:Crankshaft, camshaft sensor, ABS sensor, revolution meter and counter

Model Magnetic switch point Voltage range Detection distance Temperature range Package form Download
GH1837 / 4.2~30VDC 2.5mm -40℃~150℃ TO-94S Download
GH1860 / 3.5~24VDC 1.0mm -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1817 / 3.5~30VDC 1.0mm -40℃~150℃ TO-92S/TO-94-iBB Download
GH1922 ±11GS 3.5~24VDC 2.2mm -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1922U ±11GS 3.5~24VDC 2.2mm -40℃~150℃ TSIP-4L 超薄 Download
GH1836 ±7.5GS 3.5~24VDC 1.0mm -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1835 ±7.5GS 3.5~24VDC 1.5mm -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1423 ±120GS 3.8~30VDC / -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1428 ±20GS 3.8~30VDC / -40℃~150℃ TO-94 Download
GH1430 ±130GS 3.8~30VDC / -40℃~150℃ TO-94/DFN4X4-10L Download