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Hall IC application in coffee machine

A change in the weight of the material in the coffee machine causes the position of the associated magnet to be caused to move away from or near the facing Hall. Therefore, the magnetic field strength at the Hall integrated circuit will change, and the output will change accordingly. Finally, a change relationship between the weight of the raw material and the output of the Hall IC can be obtained, and the relationship between the raw materials in the coffee machine can be obtained through the relationship. Test.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1250ESW/GH1250EUA/GH1230KUA

Hall IC application in air purifier

The role of the Hall IC in the air purifier is that there will be an inductive switch in the process of replacing the filter. The Hall IC will automatically power off when the cover of the filter is removed to ensure safety.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC realizes flow switch detection function application in water heater

Hall IC realizes flow switch detection function in water heater

Hall IC recommended application:GH1250ESW/GH1250EUA

Hall IC is used in treadmills

The Hall IC has three applications on the treadmill. One is to measure the amount of running in the dashboard, one is to drive the treadmill with a micro brushless motor, and the other is to adjust the speed of the treadmill.。
The speed measurement generally adopts two kinds of schemes. One scheme uses a bipolar latching Hall. The scheme using a bipolar latching Hall needs to sense two magnetic poles (ie, NS poles) and output two pulse models. It can avoid the measurement error caused by the excessive or high speed of the magnetic steel, so it has high stability and reliability.
Another solution is to use a unipolar Hall. The unipolar Hall only needs to sense one magnetic pole to output a pulse signal. It is simple to use a unipolar Hall, but if the magnetic field and the structure of the Hall are not well matched, it is easy to cause measurement errors.
The brushless motor of the treadmill generally adopts a bipolar or unipolar Hall. The speed adjustment of the roller belt adopts a linear Hall, and the linear Hall adjusts the output voltage according to the magnitude of the magnetic field.

Hall IC recommends the application of bipolar latch type recommendations:GH141FLUA/GH1881LUA
Hall IC recommended application unipolar recommendation:GH3144KUA
Hall IC recommended application line type recommendation:GH1194EUA

Hall IC application in air conditioning fans

The Hall IC functions to detect the fan speed in the air conditioner fan. Under normal circumstances, the Hall IC outputs one or several pulse signals every revolution. The motor speed is controlled by the signal fed back by the Hall IC to achieve the purpose of speed regulation.

Hall IC recommended application bipolar latch type recommendation:GH1881LUA

Application of Hall IC in Massage Chair Electric Pusher Motor

The Hall IC functions as a push rod position detection function in the massage chair application; the back massage movement assembly reciprocates between the upper stroke point and the lower stroke point in the back massage rack rail. In order to enable the back massage movement to accurately determine the upper stroke point and the lower stroke point, the massage chair is provided with a permanent magnet at each of the upper and lower stroke points, and a Hall device is installed in the back massage movement assembly. The permanent magnets and Hall ICs at the upper and lower stroke points constitute two sets of integrated circuits. The two permanent magnets are placed opposite each other with the same polarity, and the Hall integrated circuit is placed in the middle, and the magnetic induction intensity is zero. This point can be used as the zero point of the displacement. When the Hall IC is ΔZ displacement on the Z axis, Hall The integrated circuit has a voltage output that is proportional to the magnitude of the displacement.

Hall IC recommended application bipolar latch type recommendation:GH141FLUA

Hall IC is applied in water purifier

The main function of the Hall IC in the water purifier is to calculate the filter life of the water purifier. The principle is that the life of each filter element is calculated in advance according to the amount of water used, and the Hall is built in the water. The flow sensor records how much water is used by the filter element. When the set water consumption is reached, the water purifier will alarm to remind the user to replace the filter element.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA

Hall IC is used in the dishwasher

The Hall integrated circuit plays a role of position reversal in the dishwasher motor. When the rotor in the motor passes through the Hall integrated circuit, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet rotor causes the energized Hall integrated circuit to output voltage, the circuit is turned on, and the power is supplied to the corresponding The stator windings, in order to generate a magnetic field of the same polarity as the magnetic field to repulsion the rotor to continue to rotate, and so on to control the motor cycle.

Hall IC recommended application bipolar latch type recommendation:GH141FLUA/GH1881LUA

Application of Hall IC in floor-standing fan brushless motor

The Hall IC realizes the function of motor commutation in the floor fan.
Hall IC recommended application bipolar latch type recommendation:GH1413LUA

Hall IC is applied in DC fan brushless motor

DC DC fan input is DC, the general DC voltage is: 5V, 12V, 18V, 24V, 32V, 42V, 48V, 60V. The principle of operation is based on Ampere's right-hand rule. The conductor passes current and a magnetic field is generated around it. If the conductor is placed in another fixed magnet, suction or repulsive force will be generated, causing the object to move and attach inside the fan blade of the DC fan. Magnetic strips that were previously magnetic. Surrounding the silicon steel sheet, the shaft core is wound with two sets of coils, and the Hall sensing component is used as a synchronous detecting device to control a group of circuits, which makes the two sets of coils wound around the shaft work in turn. The silicon steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, and the magnetic pole and the rubber magnet generate a repulsive force. When the repulsion force is greater than the static friction of the fan, the blade naturally rotates. Since the Hall sensing component provides a synchronizing signal, the blade can continue to operate as far as its direction of operation。

Recommended applications for DC fan Hall ICs according to different specifications:Gh311A/GH1279U/GH381/Gh366/Gh376/GH477P/Gh395/Gh396/GH479/GH480/GM1961

Hall IC is applied in washing machine

The Hall IC functions as a commutation and position detection in a brushless motor of a washing machine.
Hall IC recommended application bipolar latch type recommendation:GH1881LUA

Hall IC application in portable juicer

The Hall IC functions as a switch protection in the juicer to detect whether the juicer is in a completely closed state. Only when the start button is fully closed can the normal operation be performed, and the motor will operate to prevent the juice from splashing.

Hall IC recommended application:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA:GH1248ESW/GH1248EUA