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GH4112 New Product launched, High Cost Performance BLDC Driver Chip

Date:2023-12-22 10:38:15 Browse:82 Share to:

GH4112 is a single coil DC brushless motor driver chip, which integrates a high sensitivity Hall sensor inside. It has the advantages of wide working voltage, anti reverse connection, locked rotor protection, over temperature protection, etc., providing protection for the position and direction detection, current drive of low-power DC brushless fans and various types of micro motors.



Product features

  1. Wide working voltage: GH4112 series working voltage application: 3-24V DC; It can accommodate both 12V fan application platforms and 18V small household appliance application platforms.
  2. Strong working current capability: GH4112 series maximum continuous current: 400mA. Typical application currents: 12V/350mA, 18V/300mA, 24V/200mA.
  3. High sensitivity: GH4112 series magnetic switch point: working point+25GS, release point -25GS, high sensitivity, stable operation.
  4. Equipped with locked rotor protection function: GH4112 has a built-in locked rotor protection function, which can effectively prevent damage caused by chip overheating and long-term locked rotor conditions.
  5. Equipped with reverse connection protection function: GH4112 has a built-in power supply reverse protection function, which can protect the chip from damage even in the event of misoperation of the power supply reverse connection.
  6. Equipped with 27V clamp protection: Both output pins have a 27V clamp voltage function, providing all-round protection for the normal operation of the chip in extreme environments.
  7. Built in over temperature protection function: The GH4112 series has a built-in over temperature protection function, which stops working in a timely manner when the temperature is too high, ensuring that the motor driver will not be damaged under high temperatures.


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