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Upgraded BLDC motor driver chip GH477, more stable and efficient!

Date:2024-02-05 15:11:18 Browse:48 Share to:
GoChip has recently launched an upgraded version of the BLDC motor driver chip GH477. The chip is equipped with built-in over temperature protection and reverse connection protection functions, which can effectively protect the efficient operation of components from damage; Meanwhile, the built-in high sensitivity Hall sensing element enables the GH477 to be widely used in various types of micro motors and DC fans.

In addition, GH477 also offers TO-94 and SOT23-6-B packaging, both of which comply with ROHS certification.

Currently, the application of DC brushless motor drive chips in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances is becoming increasingly common. More efficient, low energy consumption, and low noise motor drives are the key to improving the comfort and service life of consumer electronics and home appliance products.

GH477 has the characteristics of wide voltage, low power consumption, and high current, which helps to improve the efficiency and reliability of brushless DC motors. Its output drive stage adopts a full bridge structure, which can achieve low noise and efficient operation. The high sensitivity Hall sensing block can quickly sense, helping the motor achieve precise speed adjustment and positioning control. It is a high-quality choice for low-power brushless DC fans and various types of micro motors.


  • Wide operating voltage application: 3-20V DC
  • Working current: 12V/400mA, 18V/300mA
  • High sensitivity: operating point+25GS, release point -25GS
  • Equipped with reverse protection function
  • Built in over temperature protection function

Working voltage and current testing

The GH477 has a wide operating voltage, which can accommodate two different platforms: 12V fan applications and 18V small household appliance applications, and can also accommodate some 24V small current models.


*The above tests are from internal laboratory testing, and the test results may vary for different fan models.

Application scenarios

  • Single coil brushless DC fan
  • Application of various small household appliance fans such as humidifiers and induction cookers
  • Low voltage, low-power brushless DC motor
  • Micro motor

GH477 has been officially launched, with a chip that is lightweight, compact, stable in performance, safe and reliable. It is specifically designed for low-power brushless DC fans and various types of micro motors. With fewer peripheral components and strong functions, it can provide protection for position detection and current drive of brushless DC motors.